About Us


   Firma Chamatex exist on the Polish market since 1993 . from fourteen years to develop a resilient set itself the goal to meet all the needs of our customers. At the time of putting into liquidation Ostrowieckich Refractory Materials Plant in Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski Chematex company acquired high-class professionals, technologists, equipment and technology and production lines, which allow for full and high-grade production of refractory materials. The reputation and reliability of our company by the fact that for over eleven years, we supply to many major Polish plants are necessary and high quality raw materials for the production of refractory products. The results of this cooperation are so satisfactory that gradually enlarge the range of our product range of developing companies and companies with whom we trade co.


   Started production of construction chemicals, and our company in the market occurred household chemicals and cosmetics. Our products are under the logo of two series Verni and Plumer.


   For most of them, our company is associated with the maxim: FAST, SOLIDLY, CHEAP!.
Company "Chematex specializes primarily in complex supply products for establishment of enterprises and economic sectors of industry:

  • power and heat
  • casting
  • sugar
  • cement - lime
  • steel


   We pleased to inform you that effectively compete in the market, in terms of price, speed of execution of production and delivery of the product required for our Client. Thanks to the reliability and speed of our work steadily expanding circle of customers of our products. We are strengthening thanks to our strong position in the Polish market. Demonstrated by the increased production company Chematex while increasing our turnover.


  On request, customers are able to deliver any ordered product to our truck fleet.


  Our client is always happy and always come back with joy.